At T.A.G. Dental, we appreciate that our personnel are the foundation of our company's success. Our experienced professionals' understand that each project and client is different, and that their needs and challenges must be thoroughly assessed before a solution can be found and executed in a timely manner.

A belief that high quality standards improve efficiency and ultimately generate creativity, growth, and long-term success, is what drives our company. Our main goal of developing and manufacturing innovative, high quality solutions is brought to fruition through attention to detail and a deep understanding of the needs of the medical community and doctors that we serve.


Our expert development team with its many years of dental experience pleased to introduce a new generation of implants based on the
concept of platform switching.

All implants are made of biocompatible Titanium alloy Grade 23 (Ti 6AL 4V ELI) .
The stability of the implant is a critical factor that will determine the final osseointegration results.
All implants are Titanium alloy designed
for all bone types.


The Press-Fit coping design allows removal of the coping with the impression and has the
advantage of both open/close tray
implant impression techniques.

The press-fit is easier to manipulate, time saving and more comfortable for
the clinician and patient.

The connection to the implant is by pressing only.


With over 30 years of experience,
TAG’s extraordinarily innovative technologies have resulted in the production of the
highest quality instruments that meet the most complex and demanding user requirements.

We produce top quality and
attractively designed tools.


SyBone®TCP is a porous synthetic ceramic that contains 99% tricalcium phosphate and is designed for the filling of bone voids or defects.

Safety: 100% Synthetic. No human
or animal origin.

Osteoconductive: Open porosity and
highly interconnected with a high
mechanical resistance.