The TAG Dental Implant System utilizes the latest technological features to keep its competitive edge. Built-in platform switching and incorporation of a universal abutment that is engineered with a concave emergence profile. This incorporates multi functionality, with coronal bone preserservation, exceptional cosmetics and a universal hexagon connection for all diameter implants in the Tag systems. Whether its a 3.3 diameter width, to the wide body 6.0 diameter, only one universal hexagon connection is required for all prosthetics. The 2.5 mm universal connection allows for simplicity in restoration and exceptional outcomes in milled prosthetics, Ucla, standard, esthetic, angled, and even multi unit attachments. The packaging with a mountless interface and a titanium holder allows for a seamless insertion. This innovative system is based on exceptional qualities ranging from surface treatment to thread design. Tag is the premier name in dental implants your practice and patients have been searching for.