Tag Dental Implant Solutions is the leading provider of Tag Dental Implants. Tag Dental is a division of Tag-medical, a world leader in medical instrumentation and arthoscopic parts for the most demanding prime customers such as DePuy Mitek, Inc. (a Johnson & Johnson company), Stryker Corporation, and Tornier, Inc. T.A.G.'s experience, research and development processes place the company in a prime position for growth within the field of medical manufacturing. The firm has developed eighteen classes of inventions that are patented or patent-pending. In addition, T.A.G's products have gained worldwide regulatory and quality certifications including FDA and CE approvals. Tag is an innovator and world leader in Dental Implants. Tag Dental Implants are manufactured with the same high quality and innovative design as its leadership and innovations in its medical divisions. When you go to the dentist make sure your smile's foundation is built using Tag Dental Implants.